5 Tips for Strikers to Score More Goals in the game!

5 Tips for Strikers to Score More Goals in The Game!

The next FIFA version has arrived, and as always, players are only interested in one thing: scoring as many goals as possible. Goal scoring has been one of the most controversial issues surrounding the next instalment in the FIFA franchise. This year’s goalkeepers in EA Sports’ football series are superhuman, making it tougher to score. This does not mean that scoring is impossible; it just means that you must work a bit harder. Thankfully, FIFA 22 is a video game, this implies that certain strategies are more strong and more successful than others. It’s not simple to score goals. There are several methods to score, each requiring a unique strategy and skill set. Follow these guidelines to boost your scoring ability and make the most of your game experience.

  • Choosing a Shot:

Considering goalkeepers in Fifa 22 getting a substantial upgrade, picking the perfect shot for each assault has never been more important. The first aspect of this advice is to always examine the characteristics of each of your players, especially those who play at the top of the pitch. These players frequently have unique talents, such as finesse shots, or notable advantages to specific numbers, such as shot power, that offer them an advantage in certain shot options. When choosing on a shot, you should constantly be mindful of a player’s sided foot and where they are shooting from.

Precision shots, on the whole, feel extremely difficult to execute ideally while within the box, according to experts, so if you only remember one item from this section, put your laces through the ball when you’re in the 18-yard box.

  • From Outside The Box, Finesse

Scoring Finesse Shots

In the first few weeks of FIFA 22, scoring finesse shots from beyond the box was way too simple, but after a couple of patches, it became nearly impossible. Nevertheless, scoring long-range rollers is still possible, especially with the high players that possess the Finesse Shot characteristic, so it’s worth a chance. If you have a player like Mohamed Salah or Paulo Dybala on your squad, shots from anywhere near the corner of the box to the opposing top corner of the goal may yield fantastic outcomes.

Locating that pocket of space can be difficult since your opponents will anticipate what you want to do, but if you know how to use the Berbatov spin or the ball-roll-into-scoop-turn, you should have no trouble creating openings.

  • Striker-Driven Pass:

In FIFA 22, individual mechanics are constantly increasing and dropping. The driven ground throw is getting a lot of attention this year, and it’s especially beneficial against deep-lying defenders. Look for your striker as you move the ball about outside of a crowded penalty area, and as soon as they get into a pocket of space, hold the right bumper and shoot a hard pass. Then either shoot straight away or take a touch to create space before firing.

Even though the defending player expects it, the speed and accuracy of the initial pass, combined with flawless control by the striker, is difficult for them to handle, and less seasoned users will be distressed and play aggressively to tackles. Allowing you to calmly step around them and transform an easy chance. Don’t be hesitant to mix in the driven pass with your other offensive techniques.

  • Triangles and Balls at The Back:

Compact Triangles

Mastering close control of the ball and passing in compact triangles between two or three players can be the ideal method to create up space for a shot once you’ve progressed play up to the field and are bearing down on the goal.

Triangles were reputedly the key to Pep Guardiola’s tiki-taka style of play’s success in the late 2000s, and are performed by a player knocking the ball onto the feet of one of their colleagues before continuing into the space. The striker then gets the ball from a teammate with a one-touch pass, allowing him to break past the defence’s lines before they can reposition themselves.

  • The Cutback:

Cutting and scoring headers are nearly impossible this year, but wingers may still be a significant source of goals if you could somehow get them to the byline. Simply sprint diagonally towards the line, as near to it as possible while keeping an eye on your other attackers, and play the pass as soon as one becomes available. Attackers will frequently sprint forwards as far as they can before taking a few steps back into space, so if feasible, waiting for that time is preferable. It generally just requires a first-time shot.

A more complex form of the cutback employs the Player Lock function, which allows you to control the receiver rather than the passer to more accurately locate that pocket of space. You may score even more if you have the time and motivation to practise that version, but the fundamental cutback is still effective. Even the most seasoned players have difficulty defending excellent cutbacks.

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