8 Most Popular Sports to Bet On in The World

Introduction: sports betting is big business globally & many fans have either made a career off the betting or have suffered irreparable losses. Nevertheless, it does not stop the passion & zeal from flowing for sports fans to bet on their favourite sports games, leagues & tournament results. The trusted sports betting sites like https://waybet88.com/ facilitate credible sports betting for various sports lovers.Let us look at the top 8 most popular sports for betting today.


Football is by far the most popular sport worldwide as it is played by more than 211 affiliated & active football associations to FIFA. It represents a significant global population. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) world cup is about to unfold in the coming months & the excitement & anticipation is building up on who will lift the FIFA world cup title in 2022. In addition, the football/soccer leagues across soccer playing zones like UEFA, CAF, AFC, CONCACAF & CONMRBOL have various football tournaments throughout the year. The competitiveness & professional football leagues command high market value for players, memorabilia, & team turnout performances.

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The popularity and passion for cricket are undeniable as the game attracts lots of viewers & players alike. In the cricket-playing regions of the world, there are tremendous sports bets on cricket today. It has gained popularity due to the game’s passionate play & competitiveness. Sports betting on the best online sports betting Singapore helps you explore several ways to place meaningful & better odds for a better payout. Test cricket, one-day internationals (ODIs) & twenty-twenty cricket are so famous and popular that they attract several betting fans.

Horse & Dog Racing

The mainstay of online sports betting is that people place bets based on the track records of the participating & high-performing trained horses & dogs. The best betting options are on waybet88 like EZGO123 Singapore horse racing betting online which avail sports betting  fans odds of winning big by tapping into the experience of the best betting site.

Today, horse & dog racing are highly-evolved sports that make many place such odds with an expectation to win and receive big payouts.


Lawn tennis has had several players & champions over the decades. It has established a global fan following with many product endorsements & memorabilia sold on and offline as the popularity of the game grows & expands. The tennis grand slams, the regular tennis tournaments & other titles of the game elicit high bets on who will win and lift the title eventually. Even the Olympics are betting ground on the favourites to win. Tennis as a popular betting sport has grown over the years & the fact that it’s now a global sport speaks volumes of the fan’s interest & support.


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For most people, boxing appears like a violent sport that should & must one must avoid at all costs. The desire & push to harm others doesn’t seem so appealing. The truth is that the technicalities in play allow boxers to either outsmart opponents or face defeat. With rules & limits to play, boxing commands a huge betting market for all levels of weights. Professional boxing demands discipline & skill. It has the power to generate lots of odds & bets from the fans & followers. Boxing has been a global sport for a long time and commands high respect & following.


The energy, passion, expectancy of the crowd & the dare to make home runs is all about heightened excitement. That is where the drive to make the best bet on the likely chances of a team winning comes in. Baseball is popular too and has many fans desiring to bet on their favourite teams & tournaments. The baseball game compares to cricket in some aspects, but in a practical sense, they are both entirely different sports. When teams line up for the game face-off or showdown, there are all sorts of emotions & expectations about the team’s chances. This drives the desire to bet and place bets on the winning odds of each team in a baseball league or tournament.

Car Racing & Bike Racing (Formula 1 & Moto GP)

The revving of the car & bike machines can get anyone’s adrenaline flowing. And then the showpiece bike & car races have fast speeds that defy basic logic. They have all the entertainment & nerve-wracking edginess to keep sports viewers & fans engrossed. The popularity of car & bike racing is legendary as they have traversed global tacks to bring the masterpiece show events. Car & bike racing sports are high-expense sports & bets are always tempting for fans as the finances & wins can be so luring.


Golf appears like an impossible game to comprehend initially. The score charts and all its statistical follow-ups and tracking are not easy to know for a fresh mind. It’s a game played with passion globally. However, with interest and picking up its basics, it’s an intense & engrossing sport. Golf has several play rules that elicit its popularity with fans. The main interest is the level of bets that fans & bettors are willing to place on particular golf games & players. There are windfall gains by putting the best odds as the payouts are high.


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