A Look at the Controversies Surrounding FIFA 2022 

The much-awaited global football spectacle of the FIFA World Cup is finally here. The four years of intense excitement and waiting are palpable as the 2022 edition draws closer in Qatar, the host nation. As always, global football has controversies that shake the football from time to time.

As November 2022 FIFA World Cup draws near, controversy has shifted focus away from the glitter and sparkle of football to off-pitch issues. So what are these controversial topics swirling around the tournament and hosts? Let’s discover and unveil them together.

Major Controversies Surrounding FIFA 2022 

Migrant Labour Discriminations and Disputes

Perhaps the controversy has emerged as the migrant laborers are deeply involved in the construction projects (directly or indirectly) attached to the football world cup. The poor human rights records and violations and Qatar’s measured responses have pushed global curiosity on measures taken to address the issues. Millions of migrant laborers from the south and east of Asia and Africa are engaged in the construction trade and related industries. It is hard to talk clean football when many participating nations witness injustices to their nationals.

Qatar’s latest assurances are better labor laws by revising its Kafala system to suit international labor laws and standards. Given the benefits and exposure the emirate will receive, it follows naturally to build a solid tolerant, and progressive image.

The global pressure and activism have led the Qatar emirate to legislate new labor laws addressing several aspects of worker rights. In 2017, Qatar introduced labor dispute committees, established worker support and insurance fund, and ended the exit permit requirement for workers. These are laudable progressive steps, yet reports of exploitative employers remain that only complete government follow-ups can reassure a skeptical world.

Poor Human Rights Record 

Human Rights Record

Progressive institutions in the football world and beyond are skeptical of the advances (if any) of Qatar’s push for other social transformations. The perception of the emirate not being accommodative of new societal aspirations like more freedoms for females, restrictions on dress codes and other laws are counterproductive to the progressive world. Human Rights Watch and other global human rights watchdogs have solicited a present report on the prevailing situations.

Recent investigative reports track the government promises versus changes witnessed or seen on the ground.

Disruption of Other Football League Schedules

The tournament hosting in a much cooler climate has not left the football-crazy fans and administrators well either. Although highly debatable since most league schedules have enough room for adjustment in a world cup year.

The FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will start on 21/11/2022 in the middle of club football. For some participating nations, the factor deserved consideration before awarding the winning bid to Qatar back on 2nd December 2010. The different leagues contend challenges come up in a variable shift from the set timetables.

Weather Conditions 

Slot for Football World Cups

Qatar’s weather (hosting nation of the tournament) is harsh in the June-July slot for football world cups. Because of exceptionally high temperatures reaching over 40 degrees celsius, the world cup tournament shifted to the onset of winter between November and December. Although the weather timing is suitable for the emirate, for some football fans, players, and administrators, it’s an unnecessary inconvenience that didn’t deserve the consideration. Even as Qatar strives to put on one of the glitziest football world cup tournaments, the weather discussions among fans and administrators still resonate with different reasons and rationale.

Allegations of Unfair Practices by Football Committee Officials

During the world cup bid process, there are reports of improper conduct and behavior of bidding committee officials. The allegations stem from the bribery investigations (in the infamous cash for votes) during the bidding process. Amidst ethical conduct and proprietary allegations, it has been hard for the emirate to present a clean image in the bid process. The formal pressing of charges or prosecution of three football officials from south America lent more credibility to the allegations.

In 2020, the American Department of Justice (DOJ) accused the officials of collusion and financial impropriety by granting the Qatari bid more preference. Although Qatar denies any wrongdoing in the bidding process, these allegations and controversy have stuck with new angles and twists to the investigations.

The allegations and later conclusions also claim some members of the African football committee received millions of dollars to vote in favor of Qatar. Moreover, the former FIFA president later observed the Qatari 2022 world cup bid had controversy and misconduct.

Estimated Cost for the Tournament

The estimated cost of the 2022 world cup is anywhere beyond 200-220 billion dollars as new infrastructure projects and buildings in the nation demand. The need for accommodation facilities, sporting venues, roads, airports, etc., is unprecedented. The sum is more than the combined GDP of several nations, yet Qatar hopes to build a better tourism destination and global sporting events venue. A large percentage of the world cup 2022 expenditure is for new sports-related infrastructure.

What to Expect from FIFA 2022 for the Football World.

As the world cup 2022 draws close, the expectancy, excitement, and passion for football are unimaginable post the COVID-19 pandemic.

-The tournament is placing Qatar in the spotlight for future sporting action.

-Its capital city Doha is emerging as an alternative to the other destinations in the region.

-The investment in strategic football infrastructure has further expanded the reach and passion for the game to a new audience. Qatar is a small nation with a small population, yet the readiness to host football’s showpiece gives football a brand new entertainment dimension. FIFA 2022 world cup set is hoped to create new football viewership records globally.

The preparations continue in earnest in Qatar as nations await the unfolding of sports’ most awaited spectacle with due respect to the Olympics.

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