FIFA 22 10 Tips to Improve Your Finishing to Score More Goals

The most popular and greatest games of all time are the FIFA games, which were released by EA. Their annual edition sells hot and fast as soon as they hit the stores. The success and popularity behind the game are the facts that the games feature a realistic and engaging simulation of a football match. The players can choose their favorite team to take down the opposite team. You can play via the classic match mode, but there is a lot more to this game series. The player can choose several other modes, but the end goal is the same. You have to get to the goal through whatever means.

#1 Faking A Shot

Whether you are playing football out on the field or via a gaming console, faking an attempt to take the shot always works in your favor. If you want to deceive the opposition in the video game, hold the shoot button, and then press pass will allow you to fake a shot. Make sure that you are holding down a different location, as this will help you in changing the direction easily. The scoring opportunity that you get here can work greatly to your advantage.

#2 Practice Free Kicks

Practice Free Kicks

FIFA has changed the system of taking free kicks in their game, and most players are still getting used to it. So, if you are new to this game or playing the new version, try practicing the free-kicks first before you commence the game. Aiming the crosshair and getting perfect power for it can be a tricky or daunting task for many. Practice will help you get the hang of the new system, and then you can use it to catch the opposition off-guard.

#3 Adjusting the Power of The Shot

Players need to be wary of the angle of the shot and the type of power that will be needed for that shot. Managing that is easier said than done. You cannot take all the shots with a single press of the hit button. Once you know when and how to manage the power, the keeper will find it hard to stop your shot, allowing you to win the goal.

#4 A Low Driven Shot

Low-Driven Shot

Found yourself one-on-one with the goalkeeper? In such a situation, the best decision is to go for a low-driven shot. You have to see how further away the keeper is from a particular goal spot and then aim in that direction. You will need to hold both shoulder buttons and the shoot button to let you lose a low-driven shot. Practice this technique a few times to get the most out of such a scenario.

#5 Downwards Header Technique

Are you finding it tricky to nail a header in the new FIFA 22? Well, you are not the only one. Many players are pretty abysmal when it comes to placing a ball in the net with their heads. You can increase the probability of such a goal with the same technique as a low-driven shot. Press both shoulder buttons and aim the head towards the ground to increase the chances of nabbing a goal!

#6 Timing Your Finish

Timing is of crucial importance in scoring a goal in FIFA 22. However, the technique can be pretty hard to perfect. There must be more power in your shot, and then tap the shoot button once again when the player’s foot connects with the ball. Once you can time it and do it right, your probability of scoring the goal will increase many folds.

#7 Go For A Finesse Shot

Go for a Finesse Shot

Most of the time, your straight goal will just hit the keeper as he is spreading out as much as possible. When you come across such a situation, it is better to aim for a finesse shot instead. You must prioritize placement overpower. The right strikes can hit the ball into the edge of the net, giving you utmost satisfaction while playing FIFA 22.

#8 Punish Charging Keepers

Players, many times, get the opportunity to run towards the goal on a break. All thanks to the feverish nature of FIFA. If you are a clever player, you will make the goalkeeper rush towards the striker in a bid to unnerve them. To make this happen, hold the left shoulder button and shoot to unleash a chip shot that can go over the keeper.

#9 A Flair Shot

If you want to score powerful and spectacular goals, a flair shot would be a risky gamble. The combination of the left trigger and the shoot button equals a shot that prioritizes power over placement. When the scenario is right, this shot can be truly spectacular.

#10 A Normal Shot Is Your Best Friend

Most FIFA players put the time into trying out fancy tricks when going in for a goal. It can work sometimes but not always. You might end up making a fool of yourself if the shot goes wrong. This is why it is better to stick to a normal shot, especially when the time is running and you must win. It is also a great suggestion for beginners.

Final Words

Follow these tips and see how well you will do in your game. If you are still learning the ropes, you should practice more to understand the techniques better. Only then scoring a goal will become stimulating.

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