FIFA 22 Guiding Tips to help you Win More Matches

The latest installment of EA Sports and the most loved football video game FIFA 22, is released globally on all platforms in October 2021. This new-age soccer simulation game is back with new features and technology to impress its fans.This version of FIFA depicts a few of the top football leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. It is loaded with super impressive technology such as HyperMotion Technology, in which the animations and graphics are next to real and intrigue the eyes of every football fan. This technology uses the motion data collected from real-life players playing a real football game on the ground. Fantastic, isn’t it?FIFA 22 is loaded with new moves and tricks to make the game more interesting and entertaining for both new and pro gamers. The advanced animations and real-like graphics are sure to sweep your mind.

In this article, we will be sharing a few of the top guiding tips to help you throughout the game and win more matches efficiently. So, without wasting any more time, let’s see these amazing and super important tips.

Winning more matches

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is something where you can collect many players from the present as well as the past. The algorithm of the game positions the selected players according to their leagues and nationality automatically. This selection of players allows you to use them to play efficiently and win the matches. So, build an Ultimate Team that will make you win and enjoy the game equally.

Among the career mode matches and the matches with division rivals, the main idea is to win more matches while playing. Though more practice helps reach this goal easily, what if there are some tips to master the art of winning? Cool, isn’t it? Let’s find out.

Please note that the FIFA 22 game is released on multiple platforms, and some tips or tricks might be different for users.

Defending Your Goal

The most important part of the game is the defense; defending your goal and moves keeps you in the game and in a strong position. Below are some defending tips so that you can save some goals and win more matches:

Defending with midfielders

Whenever is required or whenever is possible, defend your game using midfielders. While using a CDM formation, you can select them with the right analog stick. This midfielder defending tactic is used to track runners, passing lanes, and challenge attackers.



Staying on the feet

There might be some scenarios where you don’t need to tackle by sliding or standing to your opponent player but staying on your feet and playing along with them while jockeying them could be the best move. This move can be operated by L2 burton easily. With a good body position, this technique will help you to stab the ball away and defend or block the passing lanes conveniently.

Know your opponent’s players

Knowing Your Opponent’s Player

Knowing your opponent’s player and their strengths and weaknesses is one of the most important techniques in this game. There might be instances where you will be unable to stop them from getting through on goal but knowing their weaknesses on the field will put you on higher ground. Understand the opponent’s player, their weaknesses, and strengths to use them against them in the game. By this, you can minimize their scoring spree efficiently.

Attacking Tactics

To win more matches, you need to be strong in the attacking position and score more goals. Only playing on the defense is not a guarantee to win more games in FIFA 22. Let’s look at some attacking tips to help you win more games.

Keeping the ball

Keep The Ball with You
While on the ground, the most important thing is to keep the ball with you as much as you can. Keeping the ball in possession increases the chances of winning as it will give more chances to attack. This tactic also helps minimize the opponent’s chances of scoring.

Skilled Movements

To confuse the opponent’s players, skilled movements are the best tactics. Dribbling on the ground with the ball help confuse the other player and force them to make a mistake which is your best chance to take your shot. Fake shot actions help you seize the moment and pick your shot at the required moment easily.

Using the team formation effectively

One of the most important strengths of a team in football is the formation on the ground. The planned and strategic formation allows you to play efficiently. Short, mid, and long passes are easier if the team formation is up to the mark. Keeping all your players together to execute the game sensibly is something important to win.

Best formations and custom tactics

Dominate The GameDeploying the team to dominate the game is very important. Using the players, who are, in fact, football superstars from the old to the present times, is something you should be skilled at. Your formation is the chassis of your game plan, and it should be executed effectively.

Your team formation tells a lot about your game plan, like whether you want to be more defensive or attacking on the ground. The defensive formation will limit the opponent team from scoring, and by this, you can save most of your goals. On the other hand, attacking gameplay is more aggressive and results in scoring more goals. But both of these situations are not possible without strategic player placement or team formation.

Even if you don’t have enough good players in your selection, you can dominate the game with your team formation skills. Using the skill set of every player you have and placing them where they can get you a positive result is also one of the main factors in winning a game.

The best thing about FIFA 22 is that you can plan and experiment with the team formations and can get the best out of it. There is no specific idea or syllabus to explain team formation as this is a creative and planning part and is carried out differently by every player.

Some basic tips

Other than the defense and attack, there are a few basic things important to keep in mind while playing the game. These basic tips will help you plan better to enjoy the game.

Every player is good

Yes, you read that right; every player is good and carries skills the same or different than you. Accepting and understanding that some of the players might be better in the game than you. Keeping those players in observation and trying to learn from their strategies, moves, game plan, and techniques is something more important than learning on your own.

When it comes to the better players in the game, you must give your best and try to sharpen your skills while playing with them.

Mental health is important

We understand that when it comes to competitive games like FIFA 22, sometimes players get emotionally connected and feel any type of loss as real. But understand that it is just a game. Any error, game issue, penalty issue, or loss is just in the game, and losing your mental peace over it is not justified. Take regular breaks while playing and try not to play for long hours continuously. Drink water regularly and keep your mind calm as this is just a game.