FIFA 22: Next-Gen vs. Old Gen differences

FIFA 22 is released in the market in September 2021, so it is viable for genuine football fans to know the difference between the next generation and old generation versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X and even PCs. With every instalment of the lights, camera and Hollywood football action, every team knitted with their new player and strip included in the transfer window will be seen at their new clubs. This means that Barcelona Fans will be able to move Messi back into Nou camp before they accidentally start manager mode.Although starting XIs and fresh strips will be seen across every platform, players will experience the notable difference between the consoles that will offend some players who are using PCs.

FIFA 22 Comparison between PS4 and PS5

Comparison between PS4 and PS5

If you ask what is the main difference between the old and next-generation versions of FIFA 22 on PS5, PS4, Series X, and Xbox One is hyper motion gameplay.  This feature is exclusive to the next generation FIFA22, and it encompasses an advanced level of artificial intelligence as well as motion capture. According to the EA website, the motion captured a 11V11match. This matchless combination with the proprietary machine learning technology can deliver you the most realistic experience that hasn’t been found before. The graphic of the next-gen game is much better on Series X and PS5 in comparison to the Xbox One and PS4. Apart from that Sony loyalists will also get haptic feedback due to the presence of the DualSense Controller.

Everything you want to know about HyperMotion Technology

EA Sports promote HyperMotion Technology intensively in the run-up to the release and sold it as the real game-changer. Because it intends to bring some changes, Hypermotion is a combination of advanced machine learning and capture recordings. In simple words, the EA Sports team record the movement of the real soccer team which is 22 professionals running across the pitch in real-time. The video is then fed into the algorithm for detailed analysis. The result has become the biggest refresh in animation history. Apart from that 4000 more movement sequences are added to the game. They sever as the basis of the new features such as composed ball control, ML Flow, or Kinetic Air Battles.
HyperMotion Technology

This is the reason why HyperMotion has become the central element of the FIFA 22 marketing campaign. But this feature is completely absent on the old Gen PC or consoles.

The same concept is hidden behind the sonorous names. A player should move more fluently in FIFA 22. As a kicker approaches the ball, this activity is generated in real-time animation. Ronaldo, Co. and Messi can adjust their running posture or stride length to make the acceptance of the ball more realistic. In this way, you can pluck the ball out of the air with little preparation for follow up actions. Weird skate animations when a player glides his foot across the floor have become a past thing at least on the Series X and PS5. Besides the versions for PS4, PC and Xbox one have received a good load of animations. This can be seen all above even in the more spectacular parades of goalkeepers.  Even after all the advancements, the gaming feels still a sound bit out of the round.

Is everything inside New Gen FIFA 22 seems real?

The next-generation version of FIFA 22 comes with a more realistic touch someplace especially in standard situations when passing, shooting, and even with headers. All thanks to the authentic animations for the entire team, FIFA 22 players behave more natural in the air duels. They are tall and strong and have a clear physical advantage.  So you can make a long jump, create more space with the help of wide arms and get back to the ball with full force. Eventually, edges will work better and lead to the ultimate success than the old Gen and PC version.

What more changes EA has introduced in the game?

EA has been working on the game intelligence so you can have more control over your computer-controlled teammate. Here in this game, you will experience the power of Tactical AI. FIFA 22 is hard to imagine without AI, with this advancement bringing the game with tactical and playful understanding. When you set up the game, other players already start taking the advance move, in this situation you can use the gap by striking at the right time and right place. Your defender act more like a unit and will pay attention to the formation related details when moving across the field.

Although the whole thing doesn’t apply to your AI player, it also has another side. Accordingly, FIFA 22 is more in the demand on the next-gen console. Because the action on the lawn is more deliberate and slow. So players can easily pass even when they are at a low pace. Dribbling and special movements often fail and the sprint speed of the defender increases noticeably. So when a player is on the top, more precision is required.
Computer-Controlled Teammate

What are the similarities between the Old and NextGen FIFA22?

The difference between the old and NextGen FIFA 22 is quite visible. But fans should also be familiar with the similarities. Per goalkeepers or Eurogamer present across all the systems are tougher to beat and have plenty of new animations. This means that they will be able to do more punches or can shake their head after every save. Every player will cherish the explosive spirit feature and true ball physics. Later in the godsend, it will make it convenient for the other team members in the space with lofted passes. It will finally bring improvements to the blocks, with more manual header settings, EA claims to fix issues that players encounter before with tackling and winning the ball back.

Everything you want to know about the FIFA 22 Cross Gen Bundle

EA’s Cross Generation Bundle of FIFA 22 is the limited edition which cost nearly 90 Euros. Besides this is the only way to get the game on both old and next-gen consoles. It is a crack deal as the standard edition cost of Xbox One and PS4 is nearly 60 Euros meanwhile Series X and the PS5 version are priced at 64.99 Euros. However, no free upgrade is available for the system