FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying guide: All you need to know

The FIFA World Cup is regarded as the pinnacle of football competition. The world’s top teams gather for the competition, which takes place every four years, to compete for the title of world champions. On this occasion, stories of remarkable players are introduced and famous XIs are remembered. Since the first World Cup was contested in Uruguay in 1930, the tournament has undergone changes. In 1982, there were 24 teams competing, and 18 years later, in France, at the 1998 World Cup, 32 countries competed for the championship.

Who will host the World Cup in 2022? What time does the game start?

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The competition will start on November 21 and be shorter than usual, ending on December 18, and will allow fans to attend two games on a single day for the championship matches.

In order to avoid the sweltering summer heat in the Middle East, the World Cup will be contested for the first time ever in November and December of 2022. There will still be 32 teams competing, even though the tournament will only last 28 days. The final will be held in Lusail on December 18 and will take place at eight venues spread across five host cities in Qatar.

What are the World Cup stadiums in Qatar like? What atmosphere do the cities have?

Qatar World Cup

There has never been a World Cup like the one that will be held in Qatar in 2022. The Qatar World Cup will be the first to take place over such a small region, in contrast to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which covered a wider territory than any previous competition. With a population of fewer than 3 million, Qatar is about the size of a small state. The short distances and small size will increase the tournament’s intensity. The proximity of the stadiums in this tiny nation even allows for the attendance of two games in one day. The main hub of activity will be Doha, Qatar’s picturesque capital and largest city. You may be sure that Doha will offer all of the contemporary conveniences and tourist opportunities that foreign visitors may seek, given that Qatar has the greatest per capita GDP of any nation in the world. There are eight completely new or renovated stadiums being built for the World Cup in Qatar. The images of the completed stadiums are amazing.

What kinds of rules govern the FIFA World Cup?

At the start of the championship, eight groups of four teams were formed from the 32 teams. The teams will play each other once for a total of three games during group play. A victory results in three points, a draw results in one point, and a loss results in no points. The top two clubs from each group advance to the round of 16 games. During the elimination round, the FIFA World Cup resumes its usual schedule with the loser of each game being eliminated. The World Cup will be decided between the top two teams.

What was the procedure for the World Cup qualifying draw?

The fifty-five countries were divided into ten groups, five of which had five teams and five of which contained six teams. The teams were divided into six seeding pots, with pot one holding the top-ranked teams and pot six holding the bottom-ranked ones.

Which World Cup qualifying group contains whom?

Wales was in the second pot and was one of the top seeds. There was a chance that certain long-standing rivalries would resurface because Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland were all included in the third pot, but this did not happen.

Portugal, Serbia, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, and Qatar make up Group A.

Group B includes Spain, Sweden, Greece, Georgia, and Kosovo.

Italy, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, and Lithuania make up Group C.

France, Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, and Group D

The Belgian, Welsh, Czech, Belarusian, and Estonian members of Group E

Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Israel, the Faroe Islands, and Moldova make up Group F.

The Netherlands, Turkey, Montenegro, Latvia, Gibraltar, and Group G

Croatia, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta make up Group H.

England, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra, and San Marino make up Group I.

Germany, Romania, Iceland, North Macedonia, Armenia, and Liechtenstein are members of Group J.

Why are there five teams in certain groupings and six in others?

Groups B through E have five teams, whereas A through J have six. best seeds As Nations League champions, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain were given spots in five-team groups so they could compete in the UEFA tournament in October of the following year. The other top seed to be placed in a five-team group was Portugal, although Group A later included World Cup hosts Qatar.

Why do the European qualifying rounds include Qatar?



The World Cup hosts Qatar was invited by UEFA to take part in European qualifying as part of their tournament preparation. Their “home” matches will be played in Europe, and because they are already qualified by default, the outcomes will not be used to determine qualifying. It is unusual for a non-European country to compete in the qualification rounds, but it is not the first time a host country will take part in what are effectively enhanced friendlies. Prior to Euro 2016, France was the first host nation to compete in the European Championship qualification stage, with their group-stage matches acting as friendly matches with no points granted.

How many teams are able to compete in the World Cup?

At Qatar 2022, a total of 13 European nations will participate. These will be the 10 group winners plus an additional three nations obtained in the play-offs. The 10 group runners-up as well as the top two national league teams that haven’t already qualified as a group winner or secured a runner-up position will compete in the play-offs. These twelve teams will be divided into three groups, with the champion of each group earning a trip to Qatar.