Five Reasons in Favor Of Removing Qatar from Hosting the World Cup

The second biggest tournament in the world after Olympics, the football world cup is all set to take place in Qatar. 32 nations are participating in the tournament to win the world cup. 

The country is all set to host the biggest tournament of the sports with all the arrangements. However, Qatar is not the right place for holding such a big event of sport for some fans. There is a huge disagreement in choosing Qatar for the world cup tournament due to different reasons. 

Football fans are quite disappointed about the venue and support removing Qatar from hosting the world cup tournament. The history of the country is also one of the biggest reasons behind this disagreement. 

Besides, there are some other major reasons, which support removing Qatar from hosting the world cup tournament. Here we have mentioned the top 5 reasons in favor of removing Qatar from the hosting of the world cup tournament that you need to know to make up your mind. 

  1. Heat:

Qatar is one of the Arab countries, which get the opportunity to host the biggest tournament of sports, which put the country in the direct spotlight. The tournament will work in the favor of the country to improve the economy and tourism. So, the country is all set to host the event, but the heat is one of the biggest challenges for everyone. 

The country is known for its heat wave and extremely hot climatic conditions, which can affect the performance of the players. According to the reports of Al Jazeera, the temperature will be 105˚ Fahrenheit at that time. 

Qatar has promised the best arrangement for the heat including an air-conditioning system for the grounds to keep the crowd calm and floating solar clouds to shade the pitch to protect players from direct sunlight. 

World Cup in Qatar

These arrangements are unworkable in the traditional climatic conditions of the country. Plus, FIFA has no policy against extreme weather conditions. They only advised the players to drink plenty of water during the game. 

So, the heat can be dangerous for the players and can affect their performance in the game. 

  1. Disruption to European leagues:

Switching the tournament to winter is one of the possible solutions to combat the heat. During the winter season, the climatic condition of Qatar is good to organize football tournaments. It will reduce the risk of the heat wave and protect the players from heat dangers as well. 

Shifting the data for the biggest football tournament in the world can resolve the heat issue certainly, but it will arise some other issues as well. The disruption to the European league is one of them. 

In the world cup, 32 nations are participating. 13 of the 32 nations are from Europe and many players from other countries have participated in the European leagues as well. 

Many players are invested in the biggest tournament of football, which means that they have to leave their job or the tournament to participate in the world cup if it is held in the winter season. 

It will not only disrupt the European league, but it will also affect the career of the players in the long run. So, switching the tournament to the winter is a new problem more than a solution. 

  1. Homophobia:

Homosexuality is one of the biggest concerns in the countries like Qatar. You will be surprised to know that Homosexuality is illegal in the country, which is also one of the biggest reasons to remove Qatar from hosting the biggest tournament of the sports. 

Other nations have welcomed the concept of homosexuality and provided legal protection to gay people by creating strong laws. Most nations support homosexuality. 

Will Qatar welcome homosexual people to the tournament? Should homosexual people avoid visiting Qatar to participate in the matches? Will Qatar protect homosexual couples or banned their sexual freedom in the country?

The strict laws against homosexuality in Qatar are the biggest concern for the people as no one supports this thinking in 2022. People are coming forward to accept their sexuality and the attitude of Qatar toward homosexuality is not welcomed. This is why removing Qatar from hosting a prestigious event of sports is a good decision. 

  1. Workers:

You will be surprised to know that 400 Nepalese migrant workers have died in construction. According to Jamie Doward in The Observer, the number of accidents and death has increased since Qatar won the world cup bid. 

Qatar has promised security and safety for the workers. But, it is revealed that they forced workers to work in an extremely challenging environment to meet the construction goals. 

Qatar is hosting the biggest tournament of sports, which can contribute to the growth and development of the country.  They want to utilize this opportunity to set a new image of the country. This is why the construction work is increased in the state. 

The demand for workers has also increased to complete the construction goals. However, Qatar failed to ensure the protection of the workers, which put a question mark on the laws of the country. 

Will the World Cup be played on the bloody ground? 

  1. Infrastructure:

Qatar has won the bid for organizing the football world cup. However, you will be surprised to know that the country doesn’t have any recent infrastructure to organize such a big event. 

According to the reports, Qatar is going to invest $220 billion in order to build stadiums, hotels, and other parts of the infrastructure required. In 2010, the tournament is held Africa, which cost $3.5billion to prepare the country for hosting the world cup tournament. 

The tournament can be hosted by a country, which has enough infrastructure and resources and the amount can be used for charity to promote good motives. 

So, it is completely a waste of money as the amount will spend on grassroots. Removing Qatar from hosting football tournaments will save money, time, and resources. 

In the final words: 

These are the 5 compelling reasons in favor of removing Qatar from hosting the football world cup, which supports switching the tournament to any other place in the world.