How to Bet on Horse Races Beginners Guide

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse Betting is one of the oldest gambling events in history. Man has been placing bets on horses and the outcomes of their races for millennia, and the craze of such events has not ebbed and will not anytime soon. In fact, one could make an argument that this sport is bigger than ever thanks to the innovation in the computer and the internet connectivity, which now allows one to follow their favourite horses or horse racing events in real-time.But before you go and spend your hard-earned money betting on horse races, it would be best if you knew what the mechanics behind betting on horse racing is. Luckily for you, this blog will help you out.

There are five different types of bets one can place on during a horse racing event.


This is as simple as it sounds. In this, you would place on a horse to win a race outright. And if you are correct in your prediction, then you get a payout from the dealer.


Place is a type of Horse Racing Betting where an individual would place a bet on a horse to either finish in the first position or in the second. It is one of the most popular bets placed by beginners and folks who are not confident enough for a specific horse to win the horse outright. The odds in these bets are a bit lower than outright win, but it is a bit safer type of bet to place.


Show is similar to place, where a horse has to finish in the top three positions, unlike the top two in place, for an individual to win on their bet.

Across the board

Across the board is the type of bet where you would place a winning bet, a place bet, and a show bet, all on one horse. And if your horse wins, then you would be the recipient of a massive return. And in case your horse finished second, then you would get the returns for a place bet and a show bet.


EXACTA is the type of bet where an individual bets not only on one horse but two different horses to finish in first and second places. One must specify their finishing order in such bets to be able to place EXACTA bets. The returns on EXACTA bets are massive as the odds in these cases are astronomical, but only experienced gamblers should place such bets.

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Horse racing odds are a way of looking over how likely a runner is to win a race. Naturally, there’s a certain satisfying degree of subjectivity when it comes to racing odds