Odds-on Favorites: A Closer Look at Horse Racing Betting


Horse racing is a form of sports betting that has enjoyed a long and storied history. Horse racing is a beloved pastime for enthusiasts worldwide because of the thrill of watching these magnificent animals thunder down a track coupled with the thrill of placing a wager. Horse racing offers a wide variety of betting options, but one that often comes up is the term odds-on favorite. In this article, we’ll explore how odds-on favorites are determined, as well as strategies for betting on them.

Understanding Odds-On Favorites

Horses that are considered odds-on favorites are those that are expected to win a race according to the bookmakers’ odds. This simply means the horse is more likely to win than lose, as indicated by its odds. As these odds are usually expressed as fractions or decimals, the greater the likelihood that the horse will win. A horse with odds of 2/1 or 1.50 will be considered an odds-on favorite, while a horse with odds of 10/1 or 11.00 will be considered an outsider.

How Odds-On Favorites are Determined

There are a number of factors that bookmakers and handicappers use to determine which horse is likely to be the odds-on favorite in a race. These factors include:

  1. Past Performance:

When assessing the potential of a horse in an upcoming race, it is essential to look at its performance in previous races, including wins and losses.

  1. Jockey and Trainer: 

The reputation and track record of the jockey and trainer play a significant role in determining the odds on a horse. Combinations with successful and experienced members are often preferred.

  1. Recent Form: 

A close examination of the horse’s recent form is conducted, including its performance in recent races, workouts, and any injuries the horse may have suffered recently.

  1. Track Conditions: 

The condition of the racetrack, such as whether it is wet, muddy, or dry, can influence the performance of a horse and, therefore, its odds of winning.

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  1. Weight and Handicap:

A horse’s weight and handicap may affect the odds, as heavy weights or unfavorable handicaps may discourage bookmakers from making a horse a favorite.

  1. Public Perception: 

The betting public’s perception of a horse can also influence its odds. A horse that is popular with bettors or has a substantial fan following could have shorter odds.

Betting on Odds-On Favorites

The odds-on favorite may appear like a straightforward bet, but it does not come without its risks. Here are some strategies to consider when betting on an odds-on favorite:

  1. Assess Value:

Even though a horse is the odds-on favorite, it is essential to determine whether the odds provide Value. If the odds are too short, the potential payout may not be sufficient to justify the risk.

  1. Exacta and Trifecta Bets: 

A simple way to increase the potential return on your bet is to incorporate the odds-on favorite into accurate or trifecta bets. This involves picking several horses to finish in specific positions, and it will increase the complexity of your bet but also the potential return.

  1. Single Bets in Multi-Leg Wagers:

It is possible to reduce the risk and cost of a multi-leg wager such as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 by using the odds-on favorite as a one-leg bet in one or more legs.

  1. Monitor Late Changes:

Keep an eye out for any changes to track conditions or jockeys that could affect the performance of the odds-on favorite.

  1. Bankroll Management:

Managing your bankroll is equally important when betting on odds-on favorites. Establish a budget, stick to it, and do not chase losses.

  1. Research and Analysis: 

Do your research and analyze the race thoroughly. Don’t limit your thoughts to the odds-on favorite; be aware of other factors that might affect the result.



WayBet88 offers a number of betting options that can be profitable if done with careful consideration and strategy in Singapore and Malaysia. The success of your betting efforts will be enhanced if you understand how odds-on favorites are determined and adopt smart betting strategies. Even though the odds-on favorite has a higher probability of winning, horse racing is still a sport that is filled with excitement and unpredictability. It is essential to be mindful of the risks involved when betting on horse racing, whether you are an experienced bettor or a newcomer to the sport.

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