Responsible Gambling in Horse and Dog Racing in Singapore


Horse and dog racing have long been popular forms of gambling in Singapore, especially in the form of horse races and harness races. It is essential that responsible gambling practices be in place to protect individuals from the potential risks associated with excessive gambling, even though these activities can provide excitement and enjoyment to participants. Presented in this essay is an examination of the concept of responsible gambling within horse and dog racing in Singapore, focusing primarily on critical measures and initiatives designed to promote responsible gambling behaviour among participants.

Understanding Responsible Gambling: 

A responsible gambling policy is an arrangement of policies, practices, and initiatives that seek to minimize the negative effects of gambling while retaining its status as an enjoyable activity. A responsible gambling program includes programs designed to prevent and treat problem gambling. Examples include providing information and support, promoting self-awareness, and putting in place regulations governing responsible gambling.

Regulatory Framework: 

A comprehensive regulatory framework to govern horse and dog racing has been implemented by the Singapore government in recognition of the importance of responsible gambling. Regulation of the industry is carried out by the Singapore Turf Club (STC), which ensures all stakeholders follow responsible gambling guidelines. A key component of the framework is the establishment of age restrictions, self-exclusion programs, and advertising regulations to safeguard vulnerable individuals, particularly youth.

Education and Awareness: 

Promoting informed choices and preventing gambling-related harm requires increasing awareness about responsible gambling. To promote responsible gambling, the STC works with a variety of organizations and community partners. It participates in educational campaigns, facilitates workshops, and provides resources to support responsible gambling. As part of these initiatives, the public is informed about the risks associated with gambling, there is an emphasis on responsible behaviour, and help is encouraged for those who may struggle with gambling-related issues.

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Self-Exclusion Programs: 

As part of the STC’s commitment to supporting individuals who wish to control or limit their gambling activities, self-exclusion programs are available. Several programs exist that allow individuals to exclude themselves from participating in horse and dog racing on a voluntary basis for a specified period of time. Individuals who recognize their vulnerability to excessive gambling and desire to curb their addiction may benefit from this option as a preventative measure.

Social Safeguards: 

There is no doubt that gambling can have a negative impact on individuals and their families in Singapore. As part of our efforts to promote responsible gambling, social safeguards are in place to protect those who are vulnerable to gambling. It is the responsibility of the STC, for example, to ensure that all gambling marketing and advertising is conducted in a responsible manner, targeting only the appropriate age groups and avoiding excessive advertising to minimize the likelihood that problematic gambling behaviour will arise.


Support and Treatment: 

In recognition of the importance of providing support and treatment services to individuals suffering from problem gambling, Singapore provides an array of resources. It is the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) that provides helpline services, counselling services, and support programs for those who are experiencing problems with gambling. Providing confidential support and professional counselling to affected individuals and their families, these services ensure that they receive the necessary support to overcome their difficulties.

Collaboration and Research: 

Research and collaboration are essential components of efforts to promote responsible gambling. It is crucial that stakeholder groups, such as the STC, NCPG, and academic institutions, work together to conduct studies, gather data, and analyze trends in gambling behaviour. The results of this research facilitate the identification of emerging issues and inform the development of targeted interventions and preventative actions.


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