Start playing FIFA 23 on November 9 and watch the FIFA World Cup 2022

Once more, it’s that time. The biggest football tournament in the world is being celebrated around the globe, and what better way to commemorate the event than to be there in person? With all the drama, excitement, and realism of the real thing, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in FIFA 23 at no additional cost. Additionally, a complete Season of content will be coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Authentic FIFA World Cup presentation, cinematics, and all 32 qualified nations in online, custom, and live tournament modes will give you the deepest connection to the competition.

On November 9, 2022, FIFA 23 will have a World Cup mode. You can compete in offline or online tournaments with any of the approved teams and take part in live modes that are based on the games that are happening at any given time. If your preferred nation’s team didn’t make it, you can substitute up to 15 additional countries and have them win the World Cup in a bespoke competition.

Videos showing fans getting ready for the game in their nation’s colors and participating in pre-game activities have been added to enhance the matchday experience. Obviously strictly no booze or public demonstrations of affection. However, only two of Qatar’s eight stadiums will really be included in FIFA 23.

There won’t be any special FIFA Ultimate Team this time around. Instead, “30 World Cup Heroes” will be available to unlock as part of the Path to Glory event, which will commence at the beginning of the World Cup. Before the tournament is through, players can also earn additional team uniforms, match balls, stadium designs, and commentary packs. The top players will receive enhancements to their cards that are permanent after the World Cup.

World Cup modes for FIFA 23

With a World Cup-themed user interface, FIFA 23’s brand-new section has been unveiled and provides a variety of game types. The fundamental 1v1 kick-off match is accessible and can be played locally against either human or AI opponents. In addition, you can up the ante by picking a team and participating in a unique FIFA World Cup match during a knockout phase. This also holds true for the tournament mode, where you can select one of 32 qualifying teams and try to lead them to victory either offline or online throughout a period resembling a season.

FIFA World Cup


FIFA 23 provides an entire FIFA World Cup experience with realistic stadium decorations, a match ball, additional player head scans, the iconic trophy, and two venues, including the stunning Lusail Iconic Stadium where the tournament’s winners will be revealed. Enjoy commentary specifically focused on the FIFA World Cup together with visuals and cinematics that embody the worldwide spirit of The World’s Game, giving those last-minute blockbusters a heightened feeling of significance.

World Cup of FIFA: Live

Starting on November 21, keep up with the event as new games are added to your FIFA World Cup, Featured Quickplay, and Online Quickplay daily. Results, fixtures, statistics, and lineups will also be updated at the conclusion of each real-life match day.

After the opening match on Match Day 1, FIFA 23 will release Your FIFA World Cup, allowing you to influence the outcome of your chosen country’s World Cup campaign. Choose a nation, pick a live starting point from previous or current match days, and participate in a realistic single-player tournament that incorporates all advancements made in the real world so far. If your favorite country is eliminated unjustly early, go back and redo the results to determine who wins the coveted trophy.

Have you seen a match that will go down in FIFA World Cup history? With included Quickplay, you can select a previous or current match day and challenge friends both locally and online to a real match with actual lineups.

Tournament Mode

Single-player Tournament Mode enables you to play as one of the 32 qualified nations in an accurate reenactment of the entire tournament, from the first game to winning the coveted FIFA World Cup trophy. You can alter your experience by making changes to the groups and adding teams that weren’t selected for the initial FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals. You can even construct a Custom Tournament.

Take part in Tournament Mode online to compete against players from all around the world for the FIFA World Cup title as you go through the Knockout Stages as any of the 32 eligible nations.

Kick Off

Play a Kick Off game together on the couch with nearby friends or the computer. Choose a Group Stage match or boost the ante with a Knockout Round match, pick from available unqualified teams or qualified teams, and engage in a one-off local FIFA World Cup encounter.


Ultimate Team for FIFA

In contrast to other games where the World Cup was a distinct option in FUT, FIFA 23 will incorporate the tournament within the gameplay. You can swap improved players from your chosen country into the club as part of a limited-time promotion. If Thibaut Courtois’ stats are better than those on his regular Real Madrid card, he can be added to your FUT season team.

Along with uniforms, accessories, and other cosmetics, Heroes, and Icons who were the former legends of their nations’ World Cups will also be available. In August, FIFA 23 introduced brand-new Ultimate Team Heroes cards with 21 well-known football players who had been converted into Marvel superheroes. Ex-Juventus player Claudio Marchisio plays Il Principio, Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho plays The Anticipator, and Korean midfielder Park Ji-Sung plays Tigerheart among the cast of retired luminaries.

With a full Season of content coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including exclusive Player Items, Objectives, and more, get the closest possible connection to the FIFA World Cup.

We eagerly await your entry into the FIFA World Cup. Which team are you most excited to raise the trophy with? Let us know!

Your FIFA 23 World Cup experience is just getting started. In the run-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, we’ll have more fascinating facts to offer.