The 5 Easiest Football Bets to Win in 2022

The most straightforward events to study and forecast are team sports in general. Among all sports, football is the most studied and has the longest history of statistics and trends. This explains why bookmakers can estimate odds or the true likelihood of a result with such accuracy.

You may be curious about the wagers that are the simplest to win if you’re just starting to bet on football. There is a significant possibility that these wagers will be successful, even though they frequently have low odds and won’t provide large rewards. In light of this, we will be using this article as a chance to examine five of the simplest football wagers available.

What Characterizes an Easy Bet?

Simply explained, simple bets are wagers that have a high likelihood of success and so typically offer the best odds. Easy wagers can be thought of as wagers with little risk but also a poor payoff. For instance, odds of roughly 2.00 can be associated with wagers that have a 50% probability of winning. Easy wagers sometimes have chances as low as 1.05, meaning there is a greater than 95% chance they will win!

Football Bets

5 easiest football bets to win:


Over/Under wagers in football are among the simplest. With this wager, you may guess whether there will be more (Over) or fewer (Under) goals in a certain game. If you place an Over/Under wager on a team with a low total of goals or an Under wager on one with a large total of goals, your chances of winning are quite great.

For instance, if you bet on Over 0.5 goals, you must win if at least one goal is scored throughout the whole 90 minutes of play in the football game. Odds for this wager might be as low as 1.04 since, for many football teams, this is not a difficult assignment. On the other hand, you may wager on Under 6.5 goals. That implies you’ll win as long as the total number of goals scored during the game is fewer than six.

Under or Over Goals in the First Half:

First (or Second) Half Over/Under is a variant of the Over/Under wager. This wager, as the name implies, includes guessing how many goals will be scored in either the first or second half of the game. You are now only placing bets on the first half, which is the main difference in this situation. If you compare the odds for the first half to those for the entire 90 minutes, the probabilities for an under X goal are considerably more likely to occur. As a result, your chances will decrease.

In contrast, if you think a team will start strong and forecast that they would score over X goals in the first half, you would have greater odds than if you predicted the same thing throughout 90 minutes.

A Double Chance:

Almost all bookmakers offer the double chance wager. This wager resembles a match result wager in that you can cover two possible outcomes of a game rather than just one, such as victory, loss, or draw. Double Chance is another simple football wager that lets you place a wager on two of the game’s three possible outcomes. Choices for Double Chance include:

  • Home or Draw: either the home team prevails or a tie occurs in the game.
  • Draw or Away: either the away team prevails or a tie occurs in the game.
  • Home or Away: either the home team or the visiting team prevails

Double Chance is far more likely to be accurate than a straight wager on Home, Away, or Draw since it allows you to wager on not one, but two potential outcomes. The odds for Home, Draw, Draw, or Away bets can be as low as 1.10 and even lower, depending on the strengths of the teams.

Both Teams to Score:

The last wager we want to discuss in our discussion of the simplest wagers is the “both teams to score” wager, or BTTS wager. Depending on the match you chose, you may decide if both teams will score by selecting “yes” or “no” next to that question. Regarding the “yes” response, here is where an easy wager enters the picture.

Sometimes, especially when there are two active teams involved, it seems likely that both sides will score. Due to this, betting on both teams scoring might be a winning wager.

Simply pick a game that you think will end with goals from both teams. The time of the goals, the sequence of the goals and the ultimate score is all meaningless. You win your wager if both the home and away teams score. If neither team scores, you lose.



Draw No Bet:

You may place a wager on a certain side winning the game while protecting yourself against a tie by selecting “Draw No Bet.” In other terms, the wager is void and the money is refunded if the draw results in a match. Because of this, a Draw No Bet is a simpler wager to succeed at than a normal Home or regular Away wager.

The “Draw no bet” market sits in the middle of your typical match outcome wager and a double chance bet. Predicting the outcome of each specific match is your responsibility as the bettor. If you placed a “match outcome” wager and the game finished in a tie, you would forfeit your bet. With a draw no bet, that is not the case, but you also do not win the bet as you do with a double chance. Rather, you receive a complete cash refund of your capital. You can either succeed in winning your wager, fail to do so or have your wager effectively nullified. The chances are determined with consideration for your prediction’s likelihood and respect to the lower risk you currently face.

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