The Most Popular Sports to Bet On Online and Their Odds

Betting odds

The odds format is used in many countries around the world. A money line is the equivalent of American or UK odds (fractions) or European (or decimal) odds (money line). There are several types of Asian odds, such as those from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

As far as live betting odds formats go, European Odds are the most widely used in Singapore. International online betting sites also use this format by default.

Punters can place winning bets at decimal odds to determine how much they will receive. A wager of S$100 at odds of 1.91 will result in a win of S$191 if you are correct. As a result, your stake returns to you at S$100, and you make a profit of S$91.

Using one of our suggested betting sites, you can choose the format in which odds are shown. Make sure you select European (decimal) or another format to ensure that you understand the odds and payments on each wager you place.

Where can I find the best betting site? What services does it offer?

When comparing various Singapore, online bookmakers, we take a number of factors into account. A few areas are crucial, however. The factors listed below are the most important to us when choosing among the top betting sites. Waybet88 is the most reliable platform for making online sports bets.

Online Sports Games

  1. High bonuses:- Online betting at sports betting sites can be profitable if you get a high payout bonus. Among the bonuses available in Singapore, only the biggest and best are sought after by our team. The promotions also commonly offer free bets or money-back guarantees if you lose your bonus bets, in addition to giving you more money to play with.
  2. There are numerous markets available:-Among the largest online bookies, you can wager on a wide variety of international sports and contests. Several of our favourite casinos and betting sites offer bets on international sporting events, as well as those in Singapore. It is more likely that we will recommend a site if there are more markets available.
  3. The deposit process is simple:-The best betting site will not be able to offer all its features unless you have funds in your account. With our suggested site, you can not only choose from a variety of deposit methods, but the deposit process is made as smooth and simple as achievable, so you can focus on placing bets rather than worrying about your finances.

What are some of your favorite sports to bet on online, and the odds on them?

Online betting in Singapore is available for almost every sport, but some are more popular than others. The most popular sports in Singapore are listed below, where you can place your bets at waybet88.


Soccer betting is likely Singapore’s most popular spectator sport, and it’s also available on gambling websites. Gamblers often wager on the Singapore Premier League (SPL), but many prefer to wager on popular international leagues such as the English Premier League and La Liga. Also, European events such as the Champions League and the World Cup are heavily bet on.


The national team does well in international competitions in Singapore, where basketball has long been a favorite sport. It is also possible to make bets on major basketball tournaments throughout the world through betting sites. Most online casinos offer bets on the NBA in North America, but some also offer wagers on European and Asian basketball leagues.


When it comes to matches with Malaysia and other regional rivals, Singapore is still a highly well-known destination for cricket, despite not being a major international powerhouse. Singapore betting sites offer betting action on test matches, ODIs, and local tournaments such as the Indian Premier League. A number of major international tournaments, such as the Cricket World Cup, are also available for betting.


Make sure you choose the bookmaker that will provide you with the best badminton betting odds. Your winnings increase by up to 20% if you take advantage of the best odds on badminton betting. As a matter of fact, badminton has only sometimes been regarded as one of the top sports in the world. As a result of the achievements of countries such as China, Indonesia, and Denmark, badminton has continued to grow.

The popularity of badminton betting online has grown in recent years due to this reason. Considering there are now a variety of reputable websites that offer badminton betting, that shouldn’t be shocking.

Horse racing

Most of history is associated with horse racing, which is one of the most widely bet-on sports. One of the few sports where you are able to bet around the clock, is horse racing, which is arguably one of the richest sporting events. A large prize pool attracts large audiences and large bettors.

Horse racing wagers are estimated to be over S$100 billion a year. A surprising number of people found it hard to believe that Japan was the largest market, followed by the UK and Australia. It may be a sleeping giant now that some states allow gambling in the racing industry.


It may be surprising to many people, but tennis is the third most popular sport for wagering globally. Due to the multitude of ways to bet on tennis, it is a very high-frequency betting sport. A game or a set can be bet on live/in-play, but betting on who will win a set first came into existence during live/in-play betting.

As a result, it is also a simple low-odds bet, given that the big three have dominated tennis for 20 years, so losing to an outsider is very rare. Federer or Nadal may play an outsider in earlier rounds, so it is a low-odds bet, too. It is live betting that has caused tennis betting to rise so sharply in recent years.


A popular form of gambling in Singapore is golf, which has seen a growth in betting during the past few years. The fact that the golf course usually has 78 players on it at any given time, along with a wide variety of betting options, makes it a favorite among gamblers. In comparison to other sports, there are far more opportunities, odds, and potential outcomes because of the number of participants and three-day contests instead of four days for major events.


The sport of rugby union has seen the emergence of a number of new nations and a good increase in betting interest as a result. The RugbyWorld Cup is the largest rugby event in the history of this sport, featuring 30 rugby-playing nations.

Along with the World Cup, people prefer to bet on the Home Nations and Six Nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Another popular betting event is the Champions Cup for the best European clubs. The Super Rugby League, English Premiership, French Top 14, and American Football League are also popular.

In a game with so many moving parts, it is possible to offer in-play betting, making rugby one of the most bet on sports last year.



There is no doubt that cycling will not be as popular as other big spectator sports such as football, basketball, or baseball. There has been an increase in casual riders over the years, however. More people are interested in watching various professional cycling races that take place worldwide due to this.

A very small number of bicycle competitions take place each year. A key feature of online betting is that it enables users to place bets on future racing events. It is possible for fans to place the best wagers by learning about the many sportsmen involved.


E-sports are the fastest-growing sport and sports market in terms of betting volume. With e-sports’ growing popularity, bookies are under pressure to change quickly or risk being left behind. In 2020, e-sports match betting options have been offered by all of the main bookmakers, along with virtual racing. This growing volume of sports betting generates revenue at a rapid rate for the sports betting industry.

Many other sports

Sports betting is available in Singapore for a wide variety of sports. A bookmaker from abroad, for example, offers badminton betting during important events like the Olympics. There is also a high level of popularity among gamblers for rugby union.