The Ultimate FIFA Soccer Beginner's Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Are you ready for the new edition of FIFA soccer? FIFA Soccer is recently released new and amazing features. You can directly download it to play and enjoy the new challenges of the game. 

FIFA Soccer is popular among FIFA fans as it allows them to get complete control over the game. You can simply build your team to play the tournaments and win the matches to get attractive rewards. The new edition of FIFA soccer is focusing on challenging leagues, which will enhance the excitement of the game. 

FIFA Soccer is a treat for returning players as they can enjoy new challenges of the game and get the chance to win exciting rewards. Plus, new players can also download the game to begin a new fun. 

FIFA Soccer can be a little confusing for new players as it includes different features. So, if you find FIFA soccer confusing, then this guide will help you. 

Here we have shared a FIFA soccer beginner’s guide, which will help you in learning everything about the game and make your experience easy and enjoyable.

  1. The basic kick-off challenge:

FIFA soccer allows new players to practice basic gaming techniques with kick off challenges instead of throwing them into direct action. The game will begin with the basic challenges. After completing the challenges, you can join the actual league or tournament to play the real game. 

The kick off challenges includes basic actions, which you can consider as a tutorial. It will provide instructions to you for every move. So, you can practice the basic techniques and gaming control as well. 

FIFA World Cup

It will teach you how to dribble, pass and shoot. The game will teach you for the first few levels after that you can practice your skills. Plus, it is also a good source to win the rewards that you can use to build a quality team. 

  1. Game controls:

The kick off challenges will give you a little knowledge about basic gaming control. This is why you should never skip the challenges if you are a beginner in the game. 

During real matches, your team players can pass, cross and shoot the ball in different directions to win the match. For every action, you will find dedicated buttons, which you can use to control the actions of your players and direct them to win the match. 

The buttons can change dramatically according to your gameplay. If you are defending, then you will get defending buttons on the screen. The buttons will change in offensive gameplay. 

So, you have to pay attention to the buttons and use them properly to lead the game and increase your winning chances. 

  1. Team and formation:

FIFA Soccer allows players to build a team according to their interests. You will find different players that you can add to your team to build a good team to win the leagues. 

When it comes to team and formation, as a beginner, you have to focus on stats. If your team has low stats, then you will find it difficult to shoot, pass and defend properly, which can affect your gameplay. 

When you are choosing players for your team, ensure you keep the stats in your mind, which you can see on the screen. The OVR of your team shows its power and strength. So, prepare a team according to the OVR. 

When you play a match with a team, which has low OVR than your team, your winning chances are always higher. 

  1. Set pieces and personal stats:

FIFA Soccer allows players to set pieces for the team players. Every player in your team is assigned a particular action including defense, short free kick, long free kick, and more. 

You can click on “MY TEAM” to review the profile of each player to check their power and performance. It will give you complete detail about the player and his skills. 

You can use the information to set pieces and formation for your team. Plus, you can also replace the player that has low OVR to make a strong team to win the matches. 

Before the match, you can assign the action to each player according to your skills to ensure your victory. Setting a strong team formation will always help you in winning the final match. 

  1. Training players:


As a beginner, buying new players can be expensive. You have to pay a lot of coins and real cash to buy the best player card in order to buy a new player for your team. 

The kick off challenges and first few matches can help you in winning the rewards, which you can use to increase the OVR of your team to build a strong team for the matches. 

Instead of investing coins to buy new players, you can simply train your players to improve the OVR of your team. Every training session will increase the skills and performance of your team, which will benefit you in the match. 

So, click on “MY TEAM” and begin a training session with your team to improve your team’s OVR without investing real money. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Rewards:

The FIFA soccer rewards are useful to improve the OVR of your team and upgrade the game. Building a stronger team in the game can help you in winning the matches and earn new and exciting rewards with each victory. 

If you want to earn more rewards in the game to buy new players and improve your team, then you can simply play the daily challenges. The daily challenges allow players to get instant rewards, which you can collect to buy new things and upgrade the game. 

Plus, crossing every milestone will also upgrade your team and allow you to get a useful reward, which you can use to improve the skills of your team or convert into coins. 

In the nutshell: 

Let’s enjoy FIFA soccer by following this guide. It will help you in settling into the game in a short time and start playing like a pro.