Tips & Tricks to Win Big in Blackjack

The most popular card game in the world Blackjack is played in every casino – be it offline or online. Blackjack is a unique game where players don’t compete against each other rather than they compete against the dealer. This comparing card game at first looks like a piece of cake but has many tricks and tips which allows a few players to perform exceedingly well with respect to the others competing. The blackjack game uses 52 cards through the course of the game and is the descendant of the game family of twenty-one. The same family of the game can also include the British game Pontoon.Blackjack is played against the dealer of the table, a person responsible to take the game ahead. The dealer is one of the people who can have many tricks up his sleeves. Therefore, it becomes very important that one makes each move precisely in order to make sure that the game should win. So, what are the tips and tricks to win blackjack? How do some players play exceedingly well and have a higher win percentage? What makes them stand apart? Well, here are few tips and tricks which might help you do better at the game and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Find tables with suitable stakes

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When one goes to play games in the casino then there are equal chances of losing the money as winning in an ideal situation. But no one would want to lose a penny or go into losses that cannot be overcome. To take a hang of the game first try to find tables in which the stakes are suitable to your bankroll. This is a tough task, casino rates are mostly high but if you do a bit of research then you may find a few casinos which offer a free table for a game or two during the off-peak hours of some days. If you find these casinos then you can take the feel of the game without losing any money, this helps you understand a few tricks and the game situations.

  1. Split aces and eights



One of the most used tricks in the game of blackjack is the splitting of aces and eights. The ace is the strongest card in the blackjack, and hence if you can receive two aces then you can split the card, any card drawn next that is valued at 10 gives you 21. The deck in the blackjack has a greater number of cards valued at 10. The king, queen, and jacks are all valued at 10. So, when you combine an ace with cards valued at 10, which have a higher draw probability, then you have a greater chance of beating the dealer.

On the other hand, if you have two eights, then you sum up to 16 – the weakest hand in the blackjack. Perhaps, 16 is a position where you are most probable to get bust since there are more than 10 valued cards than other values. Therefore, whenever you have two eights it’s best to split them up.

  1. Soft 17

When you plan to play blackjack make sure that you try to find a table on which the dealer stands on a soft 17. This can significantly affect your bankroll. When a dealer stands on a soft 17, then this cuts the house in a very significant way. This makes winning for you much easier.

  1. The stand and bust situation

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A casino is a place of chances and probabilities; no one can be 100% sure about their wins. There are as many chances to lose as there are to win in an ideal situation, but then there are some circumstances where you have a slight edge over the game, and hence a greater chance or probability of winning. One such scenario comes up in blackjack when the dealer has a face card valued at four, five, or six. In this case, it is best to stand especially in the case when you have a weak hand.

Suppose, you have a weak hand of cards valued at 10 and 2, then you have around 70% probability that you can improve from a weak hand to a strong hand, whereas there is still a 30% probability of getting busted. But since the probability, in this case, is on your side, give the dealer a chance to bust and try again.

  1. Double Down

Double down is considered a thrilling move and is also one of the best- and well-known bets of the game of blackjack. The surprising fact is that not many people know the ins and outs of this bet. If the bet is performed in the right way, then you have a greater chance of upping your winnings. So, what is a double bet? A double bet is when you double the bet in the middle of a hand in return for only an extra card, or in return for just one extra card. The bet is best to be placed when you have an edge over the dealer. The best time to double down is when you are at 11, since there is a greater chance of you getting a card valued at 10, then that also means that you have a greater chance of winning the double bet, also when you have cards valued at 11, there is no chance that you can get busted when the next card is drawn.

The game of blackjack is a bit peculiar as compared to most of the casino games as it involves the players competing with the dealer and not amongst themselves. The game still is a game of chances and probabilities, but by using tricks as they have been mentioned, you can have a higher chance of winning than losing. Using these tricks can land you up on the winning side more often than on the side where you lose your money.