What Is a Poker Dictionary?

Every hand and every game is different, from knowing the odds of getting a particular hand to knowing when to bluff and fold. Although you may be familiar with many poker-related terms and expressions, you are likely to be unfamiliar with many more as a newcomer to the game. Poker has amassed a slew of distinctive words and phrases that regular players utilize as their vocabulary and can be unfathomable to the uninitiated. The following sections will explain the meanings of some of those colourful expressions and a glossary of terms that any poker player who aspires to master the game should be familiar with.


Referring to either a player’s turn to play or the number of bets in the pot. A “lot of action” pot has seen a lot of betting.


To participate in the hand, you must take a minimum amount of action. Located at the start of the table.


The act of putting all of your chips on one hand. Backdoor In community poker, when a player makes a hand on the turn and river. Also known as “catching a runner.”


It is a forced bet that, like an ante, represents the minimum amount required to participate in a hand. A “small blind” represents half the ante, while a “big blind” represents the entire ante.

Early Position

During a round of betting game, players in early positions must act before the majority of the table. Because the player under the gun is the first to act before the flop, they are in an early position and at a disadvantage. This is the amount you’ve put into your Poker account.

Calling Station

A calling station is a player who makes frequent calls. The term is used in a derogatory manner because these players frequently call without knowing the correct pot odds, causing other players to become frustrated.


Making no wager is referred to as “checking.” Instead, the action shifts to the player to our left. It should be noted that checking is only an option if no wager has been placed on the current betting round. All legal actions are described in detail in the glossary entry under “Action.”


A wager of the same value as the previous wager. A “calling station” is a player who makes multiple calls without raising or folding.


After closing the action by calling on the previous street, a “donk bet” is a bet made out of position on the current street. The term can also describe a player at the table who is exceptionally weak.



Playing a hand that isn’t particularly strong but has the potential to improve given the board. When a player “draws dead,” it means they didn’t get the hand they wanted.

Fifth street

During a hold’em poker hand, this is the fifth card dealt on the board. The river is another name for it. After the final round of betting in a hold’em poker hand, the last face-community card is dealt.

Heads Up

Only two players are competing for the pot. The showdown is a heads-up match between the two remaining players at the table.


Making a raise with the specific intent of forcing others to fold to play heads up against a particular opponent isolates him.


The kicker refers to cards not used in the hand that help determine who has the better hand when there are identical cards. A colloquial term for “high card.

Middle position

In a game of hold ’em poker, you are in the middle position if you are the fifth, sixth, or seventh player to act at a full poker table. While you get to see a few players act before you, other players also see what you do.

Prize Pool

The total prize money awarded to players who make a deep run in a tournament is made up of all the entry money contributed by players in the tournament; the prize pool is split equally and widely awarded to the top 10% of finishers in the tournament.


Four different suit board cards are used. The term “rainbow flop” refers to a flop with three different suits. A flush will be impossible to achieve if the turn card is a card from the fourth suit.


A combination of the turn and river cards is used to make this hand. Runner-runner is the name given to two different types of running cards. You’ve gone runner-runner if you have a three flush on the flop and both the turn and river are of the same suit, resulting in a flush.


Slowly play your hand early to make more money later in hand to hide the strength of your hand. It’s a sly ploy to boost profits.

String Bet

This is an illegal move in which a player does not orally declare his intention to raise but instead places chips on the table to call and then returns to his stack to get more chips for a raise.


On tilt is a player who has lost his discipline and is playing too loosely and aggressively in a desperate attempt to win a pot. This is usually the result of the victim being frustrated by a string of bad beats.

Under the Gun

In the first round of betting, this is the player who sits directly to the left of the big blind. They are the first poker hand to act.


For a poker player, this is the statistical distribution of results over time. When a player has a good or bad run of cards, a variance will affect fluctuations in their bankroll in the short term.

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