Which Countries Qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2022?

The FIFA 2022 world cup qualifiers are long over. Football fans await the action to unfold in Qatar on the 21st of November 2022. The build-up to the tournament has been nothing short of dramatic because of so many factors. For instance, this is the first world cup ever in the middle east, the costliest football world cup tournament ever, the highest expected viewership in world cup history, and many other record-setting firsts.

But did you know which teams have qualified for the mega global football masterpiece show? A total of 32 football teams are participating in FIFA 2022 in Qatar. The host nation Qatar received a wild card entry as the host nation. Let us go through the teams according to regional qualifiers.

Asia – AFC Zone

1 Qatar – first-time qualifiers for FIFA world cup, hosts and ranked
2 Saudi Arabia -playing in its 6th world cup, the team brings experience from 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2018.
3 Japan – the Asian football powerhouse is still a hot contender
4 South Korea – the Korans are irresistible on the pitch. That makes them dangerous to underestimate.
5 Australia – follow the passion and zeal as in there lies their strength.
6 Iran- the Iranian team makes you watch for its quality play
A total of 6 football teams have qualified for FIFA 2022 world cup in Qatar in the AFC region.

Africa – CAF Zone

Africa – CAF Zone

7 Cameroon-always a playing a dazzling game. Hopefully, Qatar is the perfect stage to shine.
8 Tunisia – there is a lot of expectation from the African team in 2022.
9 Ghana- the competitiveness of Ghanaians is unmistakable as they are no easy pushovers.
10 Morocco – in the Moroccans, Africa has hope for football glory.
11 Senegal – Senegal has given Africa reason to celebrate.
Africa has produced only five qualifying national teams from the CAF region.

Europe – UEFA Zone

Europe – UEFA Zone

12 Poland – 90 minutes on edge as anything is possible.
13 Wales – there is power-packed play and sportsmanship.
14 Portugal – the entertainment factor is going to be great
15 England – England appears in its 16th world cup in Qatar 2022. The records speak for themselves as England won the tournament in 1966. However, it has been a record of progressive critical stage eliminations. Can the English team defy the odds at Qatar FIFA 2022?
16 Serbia – the Serbians started playing consistently, adding more diversity to attack formats in the big football tournaments.
17 Spain -the 2010 world cup winning team always brings diversity in play as the Spanish league is known for entertaining soccer play. Spain has appeared 15 times in world cups. Qatar opens doors to improve on that statistic to 16.
18 Switzerland -the Swiss team are appearing in their 12 world cup. A testament to footballing s tenacity and passion for the game.
19 Netherlands – who has not witnessed the magic the Dutch bring to soccer? In their fourth world cup outing, how so many fans yearn to see a different side to this Dutch team magic produces results that will change Dutch football.
20 Croatia -the finals of 2018 are still fresh in memory, as the runners-up in 2018 are resilient.
21 Belgium – It’s always refreshing Belgium play. Eagerness is that 2022 is bringing something new and fresh.
22 France – the 2018 winners and current defending champions have displayed skill and entertaining football with a multi-talented and diverse team. In Russia 2018, France defeated Croatia to lift the trophy.
23 Denmark -the Danish team remarkably has great statistics as they prepare for their 6th world cup of FIFA 2022 in Qatar.
24 Germany – who forgets the magic and splendor of German football? The German team emerged victorious in 2014 after defeating Argentina in a showpiece final.
The union of European football associations has the largest contingent of football teams from a football-playing region. With more than 13 teams qualifying, the impact and dominance of UEFA in world cups are palpable since smaller states and nations are making their presence at the world’s grandest football stage in Qatar.

North America – CONCACAF Zone

25. Canada – the Canadians are resilient in seeking football glory as the maple leaf exemplifies unity, tolerance, and peace. The Canadian team is only in its 2nd world cup appearance at FIFA 2022 in Qatar.
26 Mexico -the immediate neighbors of the USA, have always returned better figures and stats in FIFA world cups. Having qualified 16 times yet have failed to lift the prestigious tournament. Could Qatar 2022 be their chosen moment of redemption and salvage some pride? It only remains to be seen on the football.
27. USA – the hosts of the 1994 world cup, the USA has played in 11 world cups. Qatar provides the Americans another opportunity to improve their stats among footballing nations.
28. Costa Rica / New Zealand (N. America/Oceania) – the playoffs on the 14th of June 2022 decide the last entrant into the tournament.

South America – CONMEBOL Zone

29. Argentina – the team last won the world cup in 1986. The play with dedication and style is entertaining and competitive.
30. Brazil – the most experienced of teams in the CONMEBOL region with a record of 22 appearances in world cups. The former 2002 champions bring passion and zeal to play.
31. Ecuador – the passion of Ecuadorians is unmistakable in the 90 minutes of play. The Ecuadorian national football team is making its 4th appearance at football’s grandest stage.
32. Uruguay – Uruguay last won the world cup in 1950, yet that has not diminished its appearances in world cups by making 13 appearances.
South American teams exemplify total since many football icons and legends like Maradona, Pele, and Ronaldo are from the region.

The FIFA 2022 world cup kicks off on the 21st of November to – the 8th of December 2022 in the emirate of Qatar. As the countdown is already on, there’s palpable anticipation for the showpiece to start.